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任何存在于此FTP服务器上的文档均系他人制作或提供,仅为个人观点,不代表SILVER SKY Studio的立场。您可能从这些文档中获得资讯,SILVER SKY Studio对其合法性概不负责,亦不承担任何法律责任。

您应该对浏览使用此FTP服务器的 一切服务自行承担风险,我们不做任何形式的保证:不保证FTP服务器内容满足您的要求,不保证FTP服务器服务不中断,不保证文档资源的安全性、正确性、及时性、合法性。因网络状况、通讯线路、攻击入侵等任何原因导致您不能正常连接到此FTP服务器,SILVER SKY Studio不承担任何责任。

SILVER SKY Studio尊重并保护所有使用此服务器用户的个人隐私权,您连接的IP地址,链路信息等资料,非经您亲自许可或根据相关法律、法规的强制性规定,SILVER SKY Studio不会主动的泄露给第三方。



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Any exist documents on this FTP server are produced or provided to others, only the personal views and do not represent the position of SILVER SKY Studio. You may obtain information from these documents, SILVER SKY Studio is not responsible for the legality, nor assume any legal liability.

Browse all the services you should use this FTP server at their own risk, we do not do any form of guarantee: FTP server does not guarantee the contents meet your requirements, FTP server does not guarantee uninterrupted service, does not guarantee the security of the document resources, the correct , timeliness, legality. Network conditions, for any reason, communication lines, as a result of the invasion attack not normally connect to your FTP server, SILVER SKY Studio does not assume any responsibility.

SILVER SKY Studio respect and protect all individuals using this server user privacy, IP address, link information and other information, and by the mandatory license you personally or in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, SILVER SKY Studio not proactive disclosure to third parties.

All resources on this FTP server used only learning exchanges entertainment, please delete the downloaded files within 24Hr, without permission, no unit or individual shall be the site content or services for commercial purposes.


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