关于我们(About us)

关于我们(About us)

After all, I’m still walking alone.

I’ve already acknowledged this situation, but I do not want to accept.

Trying to get out of it, but reality beat me up over and over again.

In the end, I think, I’m just living, sometimes dead man walking.


Updated: 01/11/2021

We’re living in a crazy era. We should be thinking about how to protect ourselves and our love ones.


the COVID-19 pandemic, money printing, hyper inflation, the great great depression that might be the worst in human history.


We are witnessing the history.


True, 2020 is enough crazy for some people, but be prepared, the worst has yet to come.



Updated: 10/09/2021

Things are getting interesting…



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  1. 你好,我不认识你,你也不认识我,不过感谢你和你找到的那些音乐,它们陪我度过了数不清枯燥烦闷的夜晚。偶然看到你几个月前的blog,不清楚你在现实中遇到了怎样的困难,我大概没资格这么说,但还是希望告诉你:在世界的某个角落,有个陌生人会永远对你的存在心怀感激。如果这能给你哪怕是一点的安慰,就再好不过了。也祝愿你在未来的人生道路上一切顺利。

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