I know… I know deep in my heart I know it is not my fault and it’s not my lack of ability caused this situation. But real world story is, I still have anger to myself, I hate myself caused this situation. The suffer of my family is my fault, starting from my birth, if… Continue reading Untitled.

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实际上只要找一个年纪稍大的人,问他有没有过无力感,基本上都会回答有过。 这很正常,亲人离世,事业不顺,等等情况。面对生死以及历史进程的无力感,在面对绝对无法反抗力量的无力感。甚至只是莫名其妙的无力感,在面对虚无的时候,在面对空气的时候。